Tuesday, December 7, 2010

days of christmas 1-6

We've started our 25 Days to Christmas Advent activity, and I've struggled with the idea of doing a blog a day again to document it. November kinda wore me out with our 25 Days of Gratitude, and honestly, these aren't all that exciting, but I'll catch you up a day or two at a time as I can.

Day 1: Decorate the tree. Well, we already had ours decorated since before Thanksgiving, but I took some nice pics of the kids by the tree. They did 90% of the decorating this year (totally forgot the garland, but oh well, next year) and then I went back and just spread things out, cleaned it up, and decorated the top 10%. Well, half of the top 10%...I'm not tall enough for the tippy top!

Day 2: Visit Santa. We're fortunate to live in a really fun city that just celebrated a 50-Year Anniversary with a four-day "*insert my city's name here* Party." We go every year and this year it's even bigger and better. This night we celebrated by taking pictures with Santa and then eating free milk and donuts afterwards. How cool is that? I love this town.

Ethan is enjoying his donuts and milk! (I photoshopped out the red and green sprinkles that were covering his teeth, lol!)

The balloons getting ready for the annual Balloon Glow. The kids really enjoyed watching this get set up.

Day 3: Get ice cream together as a family. We had some free Jr. Frosty coupons for each of the kids, so we hit the Wendy's in town (for the very first time ever if you can believe that) and Dan and I shared a Cookie Cough Frosty.

Super yum. (but dang I look old)

Course we were all so cold by the time we got home, we had to immediately make a bunch of cocoa to warm us up.

Day 4: eat a picnic lunch inside. I made up some pizzas and popcorn and let the kids eat in the living room. They love doing this.

Day 5: attend a musical concert. I made sure we picked this one on the day of the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional. We don't have cable, and we could have watched it online, however in my experience, we pay better attention and are more reverent if we watch it from the Stake Center while in Sunday dress. So we did, saw a lovely performance from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and orchestra in addition to talks from each of the 1st Presidency members. (I didn't think to get a picture of us while we were sitting there)

Day 6: make Christmas cookies together. Now that's something I can wrap my head around. As it wraps around my waist and thighs. :p

PS: we have 6, count 'em, SIX different advent calendars in our house! I have one from the Relief Society regarding becoming a Holy Woman, the boys have one from the primary which has them doing little services every day, we have our stocking advent which I've detailed here today, I have a cute little Santa with #s in which we move an ornament from day to day, the kids each have a foam and felt nativity advent made by their grandma, and Ethan has one of those chain advents made in 1st grade in which he pulls a link off the chain every morning. That's a lot of advents to keep up with...but it's fun!


laurie b said...

you do have a lot of fun ways to count down the days! your tree is beautiful - the boys did a great job.

Jenna said...

That's a lot of advent calendars! But it all makes it so fun! We've started ours too, I love it.

Danny said...

You don't just look old. You are an old fart and look at you robbing the cradle with that handsome young whippersnapper of a husband

Lorie said...

Fun! And I got my card the other day. THANK YOU! It was the first one I have ever received in Texas! ;D