Wednesday, December 15, 2010

days of christmas 7-13

Continuing on with our advent:

Day 7: star gaze

This is their ouch, the flash is too bright, mom! look, but we did spot some good constellations, and even though they are all bundled up, it really wasn't too cold outside.

Day 8: have hot cocoa with all the fixings. I guess I didn't get a picture of this. :(

Day 9: write letters to Santa

(Here you see lovely hints of my currently messy messy kitchen as it goes under its transformation.)

Note to self: have children write their Santa letters before I go shopping. Not a one of them wrote down what they had previously told me they wanted!

Day 10: make a Christmas card for the Bishop

I saw these on Lorie's Be Different Act Normal blog, linked over from Brixton Lane's site. Cute cute cute! We each donated a thumbprint for this and have it ready for the Bishop.

Day 11: go to the temple to enjoy the Christmas lights

No I am not trying to get in touch with my inner pirate nor am I undergoing chemotherapy. I had, at this point, been painting, etc for three days and my hair was seriously in need of a shampoo.

Love the temple. Love the lights. Love watching the little 5 minute viewing of Luke II from the Bible. Later, we drove to Gilbert where I bought a little something I plan on redecorating for my kitchen. So Excited! Pictures will come I promise!

Day 12: make Christmas goodies and take them to neighbors--we've been doing this all week long, as we catch our neighbors home. :)

This is our cute preggo neighbor Diana whom I sure just loved having her picture taken. I'm sure her only consolation is she looked loads better than I did--having been waist high in paint and primer all day.

Day 13: eat breakfast for dinner

Something we do often anyway. Breakfast foods are cheap, quick, easy, and yummy! And I usually don't have time to actually make them at breakfast time, so this works out well for us. We had bacon and crepes this night with big glasses of chocolate milk. Yum!

Our Christmas advent is still going strong! Check back in a few days for some more updates!


laurie b said...

looks like loads of holiday activity around your place! i have never made crepes at home so i am impressed - yours look yummy. can't wait to see the pics of your new and improved kitchen.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I LOVE breakfast for dinner ;)

You guys are so sweet and the boys are going to remember these things you've taught them and pass it on. Its good to know that the world may not be so bad when you have kiddos growing up like this!