Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas: enjoy this hallelujah chorus flash mob video

My favorite email forwarded to me this season came just two days ago from my mother-in-law. I absolutely love the idea of flash mobs, but up until now I'd only seen dancing ones. This is the first singing one I've ever seen. Its really well done and brings tears to my eyes; this choir obviously put some work into learning this most beautiful of Christmas songs.

I hope your Christmas day is just as beautiful.


Danny said...

I would really like to see or be in a flash mob like this. I can't sing or dance so I can only hope to see one. but I think it would be awesome

Anonymous said...

That was sooo cool! I like how the one girl stayed on her cell phone the whole time while she was singing.


Dahlene said...

That's the absolute most amazing thing I've ever seen. So cool! Thanks for sharing.