Thursday, January 13, 2011

a bird on the wing

I've never really understood that phrase.  Does it refer to a bird in flight?  One bird standing on another bird's wing?  A bird on the wing of a plane?

Regardless.  This post is about birds.  Or for the birds.  Or least contains photos of birds.

 IMG_0606Cameron came home from scouts last week with this homemade pinecone bird feeder.  We put it up to see what kind of luck we'd get and within a day or two, news had spread. 



Because we had many much birds flocking around our patio.  And many much bird poop on our cement.  And now looking for a new place to put the feeder.


IMG_0622And of course it was a good opportunity for new camera practice on these semi-close-up action shots.  I took all these from behind my kitchen window, so I think, not bad!


IMG_0626I'm not much of a bird watcher myself, but it was fun to see them nibbling on Cam's feeder.


IMG_0627The next day they got smart and actually landed on the pinecone itself and then started eating as it swung gently to and fro.


IMG_0635When it's ready for a refill, we just add peanut butter and birdseed (which we already have on hand from one of Sean's cub scout bird feeder projects a couple of years ago.

Birds in my neighborhood are gonna get fat.

(PS:  Sorry, Brittney, for photographing the back of your house so much.)


Danny said...

In the shots of just the pine cone it looks lika big bee hive.

OneHappyfamily said...

That is cool. Minus the bird poo!