Friday, January 14, 2011

a very merry unbirthday. . . to Sean!

We started the tradition last year of letting the kids stay home from school on their birthdays, provided it was a good time at school and they were doing well academically.  Unfortunately for Sean, his birthday is in July, so we let him pick another day to skip.

This past week he was able to hang out with mom and dad, do some fun activities, and eat.  Don't all good things revolve around food??

IMG_0710We started out with a little brekky.  Well, Sean had pizza.  Dan and I had brekky--totally in love with Denny's orange-cranberry pancakes!  Yum!



IMG_0705 More camera fun of course.


IMG_0707 We love our cocoa around here!



IMG_0728Then off to the theatre for "Tangled".  Have you seen it?  It's completely adorable.  I loved it.  I laughed.  I cried.  The music was fun, the effects amazing.

 IMG_0734 IMG_0739 I took a bunch of shots with my camera, just to see how clear a picture I could get.


IMG_0754IMG_0752  IMG_0759

IMG_0760Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to take those pictures.  I even took a 2 minute video which came out pretty darn good.  I uploaded it to Youtube but it transferred over really really darkly for some reason.  My file on my computer looks fine, but once uploaded it lost all quality.  Bum.

After that, off to Cold Stone Creamery.  *love!*


So many choices!

01-10-11 Sean's UnBirthday.jpg IMG_0777 Sean ended up with cheesecake flavored icecream with Heath Bar added in, and Dan and I shared a "Cookie Doughn't You Want Some?" to which, of course, the answer is Yes.



IMG_0781 IMG_0791

We enjoyed our day with Sean and I think it's fair to say he had a pretty great day too!


laurie said...

such a great tradition! i'm sure your boys feel very special and loved on their birthdays.

Christine #2 said...

Very fun! The girls saw Tangled on Christmas Eve with Nana...and I, strangely enough saw 20 minutes of it on a bootleg copy Joey's doctors office was showing!

Danny said...

You look great in that shot of you at Denny's. I'm glad you're enjoying the camera. How am I going to top that for next years Christmas?

Danny said...

Awesome pictures. Who ever gave you that camera must be incredibly kind, thoughtful, generous, adoring, appreciative, considerate, caring......he must really love you...... gracious, warm, tender, devoted, passionate, affectionate, couteous, loyal, warm, get the idea.

leaner said...

Those are great pictures! Your new camera is awesome. Oh and yes, everything good does revolve around food. Also, totally love this idea. Rhaynnon's birthday is coming up soon, I want to send her on a "daddy daughter date".