Monday, January 17, 2011

let's play a little ball



I've mentioned before how Cameron is 8, but due to birthday cut-offs, he actually qualifies for the 9-10 year old league.  Even though he technically won't turn 9 until the season is officially over.  *shrug*  Who knows how they figure things out.


Regardless, he's playing and learning and getting the experience he needs to be a help rather than a hindrance on the court!


At the end of the game, the coach came up to us and said that his improvement is "remarkable", so I guess he's doing something right!


These pics are tricky, because the kiddos' uniforms have our city's name printed right on them, front and center.  Now obviously, if you know me or have followed this blog for a while, you know where I live.  But big things like our city, last name, kids' school, etc--I try to keep those private from any old blog-hopper or passerby.  Sometimes I forget and notice later that something I've published has our last name blatantly displayed on it, but understand, I do my best.     (And along those lines, if your comments happen to mention our city, last name, kids' school, etc, I'll usually not publish them.  Just an FYI.) 


Anyhoo, you'll notice I've smudged out the shirts a bit.  And if you are from around here and look carefully, you'll probably even recognize the court we played on last Saturday.

Anyway, Cam did great for his first time out there with the big boys.  We played a team that was pretty even matched for a while.  At the end, we lost 25-28, but everybody got snacks, so everybody walked away happy.


Jenna said...

Snacks make it all good!

Danny said...

Even if you play half game get whole snack. GRAPE!!! I LIKE GRAPE.