Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my chandelier makeover

When figuring out what I wanted done with my kitchen to lighten, brighten, and update it a bit, one thing was for sure:  I had to get rid of the oaky-oak ceiling fan.  Either paint it, swap it out, something.  I'd seen a bunch of chandelier redos online and started looking on craigslist.


I found this beauty for $20.  And on its own, it's really not a bad piece.  But I had plans.  Big plans!



First I taped off all the electrical bits and pieces.



Then I hung it out in my workshop for the painting process.  (my kiddos' playset in the backyard.  Sorry Britney, for photographing the back of your house again)


I spray paint primed it white--doesn't it already look better?



Then I spray painted it white.  (I generally stuck with Krylon spray paints for all my kitchen projects)

Then the fun parts, accessorizing!


I bought beads at the dollar store around Christmas time, and bought prisms on ebay to glam it up.

And here's the finished project!


During the day.


During the day with the lights on.



At night.

And here's some more, just for fun.

 IMG_0832IMG_0870 IMG_0836 IMG_0845 IMG_0847 IMG_0867 Can you tell that I LOVE it??  It was really pretty simple to fix up and install (so says Dan) and between the initial cost, the primer, paint, beads, and prisms, I think I spent around $50, so I think it was a good deal.


*lindsey said...

I LOVE it!! Beeeautiful. I see little sneaky peaks of your kitchen in there, can't wait for the big reveal!!

*lindsey said...
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Danny said...

That chandelier is electrifying.

Monica McCoy said...


jinxi~ aka angi said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I loves it! :)

tif-do said...

You are just toooo good!

Lorie said...

Danny is funny!

And the chandelier is beautiful!

You are becoming quite the home decor blogger! ;D

laurie said...

wow! what a fabulous piece that i'm sure makes just the right statement in your home. where do you come up with all these great ideas???

Casey Lu said...

Fantastic find, deal, and redo!!! I need something like this in my bedroom! Way to go and can't wait to see your entire makeover!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow! It looks gorgeous! Great job!

wittygal said...

Love it! Is this a preview to the new kitchen? It's going to be AWESOME! (I didn't yell awesome I screeched it)

heather said...

what a great job you did!! impressive.