Thursday, January 20, 2011

a first for my last

I was really surprised when one evening this past weekend, Ethan excitedly shrieked, "I HAVE A WIGGLY TOOTH!!"  See, Ethan is 6, and my other two were nearly 8 when they lost their first teeth.  I figured we had at least another year until this landmark occasion. 

Alas, one day it was wiggly, the next day it was out!

I have to admit, he IS pretty cute with that hole in his mouth.  :)

 IMG_1207 IMG_1211 IMG_1219

(I saw this pose in a scrapbook magazine like 10 years ago and I've always wanted to copy it!)  :)


Jenna said...

ooh, I like it! Congrats Ethan!

laurie said...

love the pose! kids get so excited when they lose those first few teeth. i get to see it just about every day but it is always special.