Monday, January 31, 2011

sing, sing a song

We hosted Family Home Evening at our house Saturday night for Dan's family--something we trade off on a monthly basis or so--it's always so fun and a way to keep everyone in touch and the cousins growing up together, since none of us live in the same cities.

We had a yummy dinner, enjoyed a campfire in the backyard, and then came in for some SingStar karaoke.  So Fun!!

 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 Bradley and Jared singing "Eye of the Tiger".

          IMG_1341 Becky and Dan doin' a little "Mo Town Philly".

 IMG_1345 IMG_1349    Sean and Scott doing "Our House" I think?

 IMG_1356 Emma being cute.


IMG_1358 And Madi being her happy self with Grandma.

 IMG_1360Jack finally gets his turn at "Eye of the Tiger" !

Cameron did one song (sort of) but that was before I got my camera out--after that he was content to play drums on my food storage cans in the corner.  :)  Ethan had no interest in singing.  I did a couple of songs but no one thought to take a picture of me, lol!

This was such a fun night, something we'll have to repeat in the future!

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Danny said...

I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of you singing. I figured you were tired of all the paparazzi taking your picture cause you're a singing rock star.