Tuesday, February 1, 2011

poor poor pitiful E.

IMG_1367A nice pleasant Sunday morning was disturbed this weekend by a medley of flushing coming from my kids' bathroom. Come to find out Ethan had diarrhea. All morning. Was in there about every 15 minutes for 3 hours.

He admitted he'd gone a little crazy on auntie's yummy peanut butter cookies the night before to which I just taught him how eating 8 cookies in one sitting is just not healthy. Anyway, after a little bit, he told me his legs were itchy, so I offered to put some lotion on him. Come to find out he was chest-to-toe covered in hives! Huge itchy welts and red rashy bumps.


Hold the phone, this was now an allergic reaction, so off to Urgent Care we went. Doc seemed to think this was manifesting as a peanut allergy, but I'm not so sure. Ethan's eaten peanut butter & jelly 2-3 times a week for years and never had an issue, so why all of a sudden? Anyway, we left the Urgent Care with a couple of prescriptions, stopped by the pharmacy for some Benadryl, and came home. He took some Benadryl and then fell asleep.

After he woke up, we noticed the hives were mercifully gone. But immediately he started throwing up. He hadn't had anything to eat all day, but I had been making sure he was drinking plenty of water--well all of that came up. Half an hour after that, the hives were back with a vengeance.head to toe, on his face, behind his ears, etc. Yikes!

At this point, Dan, who was at work, suggested we call some priesthood members from our ward to come over and give Ethan a Blessing. So thanks much to DJ and Shawn for dropping everything to come help us out.

IMG_1370Finally E started to get hungry, so I slowly fed him granola bars and dry cereal. Nothing came up, and the diarrhea finally stopped--so maybe all the cookies were finally out of his system. Hives still were still come-and-go though.

Bless his heart, he was never too upset or cranky--just itchy, Mom!!--and who knows what the cause is. But a visit to the allergist may be in our future.


OneHappyfamily said...

That happened to Kt one time with a PB shake from Sonic. Once and only once. She eats PB often and has had the shake again several times. The allergist did a whole work up on her and we never found an allergy to any foods. We just keep an Epi pen around in case... Maybe your sister used almond butter or something other than PB... I would ask her. Poor baby!

Jenna said...

That happened to me at the beginning of my pregnancy last year. It was AWFUL. Diarrhea, throwing up and horrible hives head to toe, it was BAD. I had to use steroids and I still don't know what caused them. I"m glad he's feeling better though!

laurie said...

oh, i feel so bad for him! nothing worse than being a sick kid and not understanding why you are feeling so yucky. i hope he is back to his normal ethan self very, very soon.

leaner said...

Yuck! Poor thing! Hope it goes away and never, ever comes back!

Emily said...

OH, that is just terrible. He looks miserable in that first picture. Poor kid!

wittygal said...

Wow that sounds like zero kid and mom fun. I hate the unkown!