Friday, February 18, 2011

and one werewolf, too

Well, another week come and gone. Wish I had something more interesting to say, but really, it's just more of the same.

Had my second test this week (Fluid and Electrolytes, yawwn) and was so disappointed with my 82%. I worked my tail off studying for that stinker, felt I did rather well, and then to find out I didn't... *shrug* It ain't easy, that's fo' sho'. The weeks go by so fast...seriously, it's hard to believe that I just finished Week 5. Spring Break is in 3--is that right? Wowza.

This weekend the Honey and I will celebrate our belated anniversary with some time away. I have a feeling the rain is going to put a crimp in our plans, but we'll manage. And yes I plan on taking lots of pictures. And eating. Much.

Found this in my Ethan's backpack this afternoon:

I'm certain you can't read it, so I'll translate:

My Hero Award
This hero award goes to Dad
You are my hero because
you savd me by killing 6 wllfs.
And 1 warwllf,too.

When I asked Ethan when exactly his father had saved him from 6 wolves (and 1 werewolf too), he said "Teacher said it could be a made up reason." Gotta hand it to the kid for creativity. 'Tis more than I have these days.

Hope you all enjoy the 3 day weekend! I sure plan to! Let's return and report next week, shall we? :)


Wiggy said...

It was only the other day I sat back watching TV thinking to myself that there was a distinct lack of Wolves and Werewolves around. Seems your husband is doing a great job keeping them at bay.

Jealous of the 3 day weekend btw!

Delfina said...

Love the creative imagination they have. DD comes up with some great ones around here too.

Emily said...

I really love this-so funny/creative.

And I think an 82 is pretty good! Maybe not as good as you wanted, but nothing to sneeze at.