Monday, February 14, 2011

happy anniversary/valentine's day

13 years on the 13th!  :)

Dan's working today, so we celebrated the anniversary and VDay together with the fam on Saturday by feasting on this lovely chocolate cake.

IMG_1386 IMG_1387

Eat your heart our Martha Stewart. . . or something. . .


Gifties to me, though we're not doing gifts this year.  (That's a giant bottle of bubble soap and a straightner, not liquor and a stapler)  *grin*

And I have to show you the cutest card that Danny made for me.  Totally going in the scrapbook.  The front:

card 1

Then you open it up and inside is this:

card 2 

I love it.  :)

Love you, babe!


laurie said...

happy anniversary! the cake looks de-lish and the card so sweet yet clever. i hope all is going well with school.

Wiggy said...

Happy Anniversary. Nice to know I share my birthday with your Anniversary Amie :)

p.s. That Card is brilliant

Jenna said...

you guys are way too cute and awesome!

Sher said...

That card is soo cute & clever! Happy anniversary to you both! and wow...that cake looks so good..mmm. recipe please! :)

wittygal said...

Love the card, also love a man that can save $4.99 with clever drawings. Cards are so expensive! Happy V-Day.

Delfina said...

That is so cute and very clever of him!!!

Emily said...

I really mean it when I say that that is the funniest card I have ever seen.

Liz said...

Happy 13th... I love the card how awesome is that...
Have a super weekend..
Sounds like it's gonna be fun filled.