Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st nursing block: check.

SO happy to report that I finished my 1st semester of nursing school with a bang yesterday, pulling a 90% on my final and getting a 89.83% in the class. What a great relief to have it done and have done pretty darn well! It kind of dominated my life ever since January, but that was to be expected. So grateful to my study group for making it just that much easier to understand, retain, and remember what we'd learned. We plan on continuing to meet each week in order to prep ourselves for the 2nd block and not forget everything over the summer.

Now, onto Chemistry! Dan and I are taking an abbreviated online class that will go through the beginning of July. It promises to keep us busy. :)

And I promise to read some books. Fiction! For fun! And go to the pool. A lot. And clean my house. (mopped floors last night...ahhh) And spend more time with the kids.

Can't wait!


laurie said...

yea for you!!! enjoy your time in between blocks. at least you'll have a fun study partner for your chemistry class. :-)

Lorie said...

Yay! I hope you have an amazing summer!