Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the taste of colors

(PS today is my last day of class for Block 1 of Nursing School!  Incidentally I have already started one of my two summer classes.  No break for me!)

Sean participated in his school's Science Project this year for the first time.  He tested whether the color of our foods influences the way foods taste to us.  He gave test subjects Sprite colored in red or blue food coloring without telling them that they were drinking the same thing.  Most people did have an opinion on which tasted better!

  IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3191IMG_3190


Jennifer ♥ said...

I LOVE his experiment!! I hate food coloring - especially in 'kid' foods. Way to go Sean!!!!

Jenna said...

Cool idea--I'm all about the color of things!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a cool experiment! Tell Sean good job! We are staying busy here, same old junk.


laurie said...

what a fun and interesting experiment!

Lara said...

Love this idea for an experiment!