Friday, May 20, 2011

alice in wonderland play

Sean was so very excited to get a part in this year's Drama Club play, "Alice in Wonderland, Junior."  He played the caterpillar.  :)  The Drama Club was gifted a large chunk of money from the PTO for costumes, so it seemed like quite a step up from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" last year.

We went both nights to see his performance, and though the actual video is better on the first night, the second night he was more comfortable, showed more personality, and got a lot more laughs.  So I'm going to include that one below.

IMG_3408The main Alice actress (there were 3 Alices for the different sizes as she eats-this and grows and then eats-that and shrinks) is a good friend of Sean's and actually sent him the cutest love letter a few weeks ago (through a friend of course, nothing was said or delivered in person!) and I would so love to share that note here because it was the most adorable thing ever, but to protect Alice's privacy, I'll keep that offline.  But if you come over I'll totally show it to you.  :)

Though nothing came of that of course because 1) Sean is eleven and 2) they decided they'd be better off as friends.  It did however give Sean a huge ego boost and he was on cloud nine all night after reading it.


Sets and props designed by my friend Laurie.  :)


IMG_3386 Here's Caterpillar after his transformation.  Dear Future 17 Year Old Sean, About To Go To The Prom:  You hated this cumberbund.  Hated.  But you looked cute in it.  Love, Mom.

IMG_3402 See?  Cute costumes!

IMG_3406  IMG_3425

My favorite parts are between 1:25 and 1:40.  :)


Christine #2 said...

That was adorable! Bummed I missed it :(. Well at least I know he'll be in more I can come see!

Christine said...

So fun! I'm glad he's loving this creative venue :) And tell the school to quit with the Friday night shows, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are all the rage these days. Plus the famous are suppose to party on school nights after all (and then I can come see him in a performance). Go Sean!!!!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Kudos Sean!!!