Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rollin' in the church parking lot

It's the best place because it's a generally safe place to ride around and there are no sidewalk cracks.

IMG_3327IMG_3348 IMG_3329

Here's Ethan on his new roller skates, using his new walker.   Hopefully he won't need it too long, but it's pretty neat!

IMG_3336IMG_3328   IMG_3339IMG_3344IMG_3338  IMG_3341  IMG_3347


laurie said...

looks like fun! i would need one of those "walkers" if i ever put on skates again. :-)

Christine #2 said...

I'm so glad he likes it! He looks like he's having a blast! Your boys are the cutest!

Delfina said...

That is a great place to learn. Next you will need a big open field for them to learn to drive the truck. (: