Monday, May 16, 2011

ethan's birthday

Well  another birthday came and went in April, little Ethan-Bug turned 7.  We had a great day with him ditching school for breakfast and a movie.  Here's his wild hair that morning.  (I just recently got around to cutting shaving  it.  He now looks like Charlie Brown.  *smile*)



The movie was OK.  Nothing spectacular about this one except the use of color which was pretty cool.  And then when we watched the Rio episode of "The Amazing Race" we realized how dead on the writers and illustrators really were.  Carnival is crazy down there with all the dancing and music and outfits and colors.  This movie really does that justice.

 IMG_3195 We bought a full sized popcorn and drink for the first time in like forever and believe me it WILL be the last.  $7.50 for a Large Popcorn.  Did you know this?  (I'm one of those cheapos who smuggles in my own treats to the movies usually)  While we were standing slack-jawed staring at concession stand prices, we also learned that a full-priced adult movie, err, ticket, is now $10.75 at our theatre.  INSANE.  I'll stick to my $1 redbox movies and freebies at the library!

But hey, this is a birthday so it was special.  :)


IMG_3210  Onto the party!  Again, didn't plan much -- didn't plan anything, really -- but did put together these fun party favors for the guests.


With a yummy treat and racecar tied to the bottom.

IMG_3215 IMG_3221 IMG_3224  IMG_3230 IMG_3239 IMG_3253 IMG_3255 IMG_3262 IMG_3275 IMG_3278

This is the infamous DS game that he snuck from under the tree and opened a week before Christmas.  And played with.  And subsequently lost.

Ironically, Cameron had done laundry the day before E's party, hadn't checked any pockets, and washed Ethan's DS.  It's toast.  Anyone know how to fix a water-damaged Nintendo DS?  (This story reminds me of The Gift of the Magi.  Lol)

IMG_3279 IMG_3284

IMG_3287 IMG_3292 IMG_3293  IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3299

Ethan asked for roller skates and the "walker that you get at Great Skate".  I was laughing with Chris about this and she says "James can make him one."


And so he did.  Is this fun or what?  Just to use while practicing until he gets his balance.  (Pictures of that to come!)


My favorite part, the cake!

This was a pretty easy one, but I thought it turned out so stinkin' cute.

IMG_3304 And Ethan was thrilled with his big day!  Love you Buddy!


Jennifer ♥ said...

I hope that popcorn container in the picture wasn't a large?!?! Your cake is adorable - very creative :)

leaner said...

Love the cake!
LOL at the DS getting washed. I am constantly reminding my girls that if something is in their pocket it may be ruined in the wash. And if there is money in their pocket that comes out during the wash, its MINE. MUA HAHAAHAA! (I've gotten a $5 that way!)

Anonymous said...

That cake is adorable!


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Cool cake.. and I love the skate helper!!! Cool stuff!