Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lately uploaded on my ipod

So it's been many moons since I've done a little ipod update blog post. It's also been many moons since I've downloaded any songs AND/OR found any songs I liked enough to download AND/OR listened to radio for just music. Let's face it, most songs out there are crap. As I've been discussing with my oldest son, most songs nowadays, if you listen closely, are about one thing. So I try not to listen to words too much. Yeah, denial and ignorance are beautiful things. Not.

Anyway, on that note, I do have a few I've recently downloaded. We always try to get edited versions, but the youtube versions are not, so listen at your own risk.

Good Life -- One Republic. I've decided if I had to listen to one band the rest of my life, they would be it. Well, it'd be a toss-up between them, The Fray, or Blue October. I include the video because I think it's perty interesting.

Price Tag -- Jessie J. This gets stuck in my head and it's a good message besides.

Show Goes On -- Lupe Fiasco. I don't really care for the rap part, but the chorus is fun.

Keep Your Head Up -- Andy Grammar. This guy reminds me of Michael Buble. (Dwight is in this video!)

The Lazy Song -- Bruno Mars. This song would be ideal if one line was missing. You know which. Oh, and the video is retarded.

Give a Little -- Hanson. Aww...Hanson grows up. This still has a bit of an MmmBop feel to it, and I'm ok with that.

What Are Words -- Chris Medina. I didn't follow American Idol for the first time this year, but I still heard about this guy and his story (long-time girlfriend completely disabled in an accident), so I find the song very sweet.

E.T. -- Katy Perry (the version WITHOUT Kanye West for crying out loud. That man ruins everything he touches)

Sing -- My Chemical Romance

Hidden Away -- Josh Groban

Colder Weather -- Zac Brown Band. Love the song. Love the video. Love.

And Waiting for the End -- Linkin Park. This one's been out for a while but I still luuuurve it, so I include the very interesting video as well.


*lindsey said...

I like your iPod posts and your book post too! I alway head for the library website afterwards to reserve them! Just finished two Chris Martin books and have the witches book waiting for me now. So thanks! Here's a new band I love love love, Foster the People. Look up the songs Houdini, Helena beat, and pumped up kicks, I guarantee you will like them.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I love E.T. and especial Lupe Fiascos music! Show must go on has awesome message!