Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day 2, annual family summer olympics

A few years ago around this time, Great Grandpa (Dan's Grandpa) hosted the H-------- Family Summer Olympics, and it is truly one of my favorite memories of all time.  We were so excited that it was planned for the week we visited this time around.  {looking at the pictures from both years, I realize Sean is wearing the same swimming suit. . . 3 years later.  Hmm, might be time to buy him a new one!}

Though there were other things planned, it was really really hot outside, so we stopped after the water portion.  It was fine, the kids (minus Cameron) were happy to just do the swimming events and stay cool that way.  Unfortunately, Cameron was really looking forward to pulling into the lead during the other competitions, and he never got his chance.  Those California kids are all swimmers!  Some have had lessons, many of them have pools, and lots of the competitors were just plain older and taller, so my kids didn't win anything this year.  But it was still a blast.


We start with some laps and relay races



IMG_3973 IMG_3974 IMG_3975 IMG_3978

He won just about every race!


Sean did his best, but his competition was older and faster.



McKay was awesome in his age group.

 IMG_4010 IMG_4011

Brianna was the all around winner!  She is learning sign language because she has a deaf friend at church.  We had many conversations during the week about signs and using signs.  She's doing great!


Supporting the cousins.

IMG_4034Too stinking cute!


IMG_4036 Creative dives.

 IMG_4049They did this for hours, it seems!

IMG_4050 IMG_4078


The giant score board!

 IMG_4093 Finally, time to eat!


Some great weather moving in.

IMG_4138 The three in charge of all the games, (cousin Lindsay, Grandpa, and cousin Kristelle) great job you guys! A lot of planning and organizing went into this.

IMG_4151 Ethan receiving his ribbon.

IMG_4153 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4164

Good job kisses from Dad!


This isn't even all the great-grandkids, but it's a good portion of them. What a fun group!


I finally made it into a photo.


Sean got Bronze for his age group.

 IMG_4190 Then Grandpa took us on a tour of the property to see the things he'd built for the kids.  First up, the Zoomer, as he called it, or the Zip Line.

IMG_4195 Isn't it awesome?!

 IMG_4246 IMG_4255IMG_4261 Only for kids 75lbs and below or I would have totally tried it.


Then he showed us a couple of the tree swings he'd built.

IMG_4217 And an awesome treehouse!


IMG_4228Crow's nest and everything.  Too cool!


IMG_4239I love this guy!  He is such an awesome Grandpa (and Great-Grandpa).  My favorite part of this trip (I think, there were so many great times) was this last 30 minutes when I got to sit and talk with him.  He shared some wisdom with us, and I have to say, out of everyone I know, this is one guy who's pretty much got it all figured out.  I love him!


That night, just as we started the day, the kids ended up back in Grandma's pool.  So they'd  been swimming at least 3 times by this point!  You can certainly see it in Ethan's and Cameron's eyes too. . . and this is the good picture!  It was a really fun and busy day.  We were so happy to participate in such a fun family event.


laurie said...

you guys take family reunions to a whole new level! looks like so much fun and that buffet table makes my mouth water.

Jan Garber said...

Too much fun! I told you I'm looking to be adopted by a different family! Where do I send the application? LOL!

Casey Lu said...

Wow how fun does all that look! How awesome to have a family Olympics and then the zip line and such! Such a memorable experience and to do things like that with family!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

OH MY GOODENESS... I love love love every bit of this.. Dad is amazing.. I love the zip line.. how great!!!