Friday, July 15, 2011

day 3, pismo beach and a birthday

About 3 hours west of my in-laws, one can find this:


Well, minus the three cute kiddos that is.


And down the Pismo Beach Boardwalk you can find this.


And these.




I'd prefer this, where I wasn't brave enough to order seafood (I got a turkey sandwich) but I did sample the clam chowder which was really super creamy and caloric and delicious.


Waiting for our table.


Chowing down.


Out on the pier.  I dare you to find one picture in which Cameron is actively looking and smiling at the camera.  He just can't do it.



IMG_4370 IMG_4399

The water was stinking COLD.  Dan was the only one brave enough to go past his ankles.  He actually body surfed for a half hour or so and had a grand time.


Meanwhile, I played in the sand.


The clean, soft, dry, warm sand.


Everyone takes that shot, right?


The boys played in the sand a bit too.


I'd like to claim that it's the distortion of the water that makes my toes look funky in this picture, but you all know that is not the case.


Look at the camera, Cameron!


Sigh.  Although I detect a new wallpaper for my desktop.


I enjoyed the view from the sand.  :)


The sand castle ended up pretty big.


My first time seeing a jellyfish.  Dead.  Is it gross that I post this?  I was fascinated by it's jelly-like consistency.


And then the lifeguard came and hauled it away.  See how big it is??

So we played and layed out, relaxed and soaked up the sun, enjoying the frigid cold Pacific Ocean.  (AZ wimp, here)  Then it was back to the house for Kyle's birthday party with all the cousins.


Hello there Jordan!  (I think)


The grandkids always love "Rock 'em"!" with Grandma and Grandpa!


So cute.  These guys are serious camera hogs!


And hello Joey!  (I think!)


Happy 11th birthday to Kyle--with some seriously delicious cake.


And, oh, why not, some more swimming, as if we hadn't had enough of that yet this vacation.  :)

 IMG_4546IMG_4545 IMG_4547


Our birthday present to Kyle, ha.

Such a great day!  Wish I lived 3 hours from the coast!

The next day (4) of our vacation, we relaxed.  We swam (what else?!) layed out and read books by the pool, watched a movie on the couch, and had a perfect vacation day before it was our time to head on home on Day 5.  As always, this trip was full of fun and cool memories.  We love our family and wish they were closer so we could hang out more!  It's fun having so many cousins here there and everywhere.  We love you guys!


Jenna said...

I love the toes picture! And I can't get enough of those twin boys!

Jennifer ♥ said...

I can't figure out what the 'SCE' is under your initials in the sand. I must know, it's driving me crazy! :)

The bug food is just plain GROSS!!

Dahlene said...

Looks like a ton of fun! That jellyfish was huge! We saw jellyfish in FL a few years ago, but they were little.