Monday, August 8, 2011

backstage tour: let the show go on!


(credit, ASU's website)

Sean and I had the awesome opportunity to go to our favorite theatre house, Gammage out in Tempe on ASU's campus, and do a back stage tour.  For those of you unaware, this is where we've seen all the Broadway shows we've been to in the past years (Wicked, Les Miz, Phantom, Shrek, Beauty & the Beast, etc).

IMG_4765We took several pics of Sean on the stage--a place he'd like to spend some serious time in the future.  :)    IMG_4766  IMG_4773

Looking at Stage Right from Stage Left.


On the rising/lowering orchestra pit.


Maybe some day, Buddy!

IMG_4783 IMG_4785 IMG_4790 IMG_4792

From the perspective of the catwalk where all the sets and backdrops are, well, dropped.


Done using hydraulics, but also by manpower if the electronics short out.

IMG_4795  IMG_4797

Each show leaves their Mark on a backstage wall.

IMG_4798 IMG_4801

A literal firewall that can be dropped in seconds in case of emergency.


Dressing rooms.

IMG_4802  I think I see a celebrity!!


Our tour group loved Sean and his cute little personality.  I'm so glad we got this chance. . . it was pretty cool! 

The following is about a minute long video of us in the bottom of the orchestra pit being lifted up.  I just thought it was a pretty neat contraption they had going on, either allowing for the height of the conductor or allowing for another 3 rows of seats if the orchestra was not needed.  Gammage is an awesome place, designed way back when by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it is indeed impressive!


Danny said...

I have always had a crush on the celebrity in the mirror. She's on my 'list'.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that? Just make sure he likes girls when he gets older.....


Lorie said...

Very cool!