Friday, August 5, 2011

day trippin: lake pleasant

We absolutely love having a teeny tiny boat to call our own on hot summery days as these.  A few days ago we were able to spend the whole day out at the lake without any rush or commitments to return home to.  It's nice having something so close (40 minutes or so) and generally cheap ($10 to enter).  We packed in a lunch, our sunblock, and the innertube and got down to some serious fun.


IMG_1617 IMG_1621 IMG_1632 IMG_1643 IMG_1649IMG_1670 

The boys all took turns driving the boat and did pretty good jobs of it.  I, however, am lousy at it.  It's one of those things where you turn the opposite direction that you want to go . . . well, my brain just can't master that.  Ethan was a superstar though!  He drove the boat from halfway out in the lake all the way to the boatlaunch with hardly any help from Dan.  He looked so cool and casual steering the boat . . . wish I'd had more room on my camera's memory card to video it.

IMG_1653IMG_1662IMG_1671 IMG_1672 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1680  IMG_1654 


The water temp was completely comfortable and perfect and still refreshing.  I recall thinking as I was floating along in the innertube, kicking my feet behind me, that this was the perfect ending to the summer.


laurie said...

there is nothing like water to enjoy a hot summer day!

Jenna said...

How fun! I love days with just the family.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a cool end to Summer!


Monica McCoy said...

fun, I feel refreshed just looking at the pics.

Jennifer ♥ said...

Looks like so much fun!