Monday, October 10, 2011

an afternoon at the circus

So, like  a thousand years ago (3 weeks), our friends the Haughts gave us some tickets to the circus out in Scottsdale!  It was a fun spur-of-the-moment trip on the heals of Dan and Sean coming back from Slide Rock with the Boy Scouts.  I was worried they'd be too exhausted, but they were all for it!

I took tons of pictures and videos, but the videos take too long to upload with my high-def camera (not complaining!) so here are some of our favorite acts.

Big ol' cats are always impressive!  These even jumped through a ring of fire at one point.

 IMG_5190 IMG_5210

The Tight Rope act was pretty cool.they jumped rope and balanced on chairs and even had a nearly fatal (scripted?) fall, but all in all very entertaining!


Lots of girls doing acrobats and gymnastics, wire work and feats of daring do'.  Ethan was quick to point out that most of them were dressed quite inappropriately!


We saw bears performing tricks. . .


. . . fire jugglers. . .


. . . more death-defying acts of bravery. . .


This guy blew my mind.  With every chair I felt certain he was going to plummet to his death.  And then a handstand on top of them all!  Wow!  (I didn't even get a picture of the end result because I was in such awe)


Brave boys and girls on the flying trapeze, and yes, someone's flossing!


Followed by. . . a Lady Gaga impersonator's act?


These two were my favorite, and thus I will upload one video to show you.  I was so impressed by their strength and beauty--all the while flying through the air sometimes with only one another's grips to save them.  Amazing.


And we round it all off with elephants, who were very entertaining!


Their pooper scooper was quite entertaining too.  These big guys dropped a load about every 45 seconds.



Such a fun first circus experience for our family!

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