Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hybrid adventure games

So, have I mentioned recently how much of a big buff stud my manly man Dan is?


Cuz he so is.  :)


Last weekend he participated in Scottsdale's Hybrid Adventure Games out in the deserty desert of the Fountain Hills area.  He ran 6 miles out in the mountains/hills, performed in the obstacle course, turned over tractor tires, tossed big ol' kegs, and all in all worked his butt off out in the 100 degree AZ heat!



It was a crazy event, made crazier by those who dressed up, were big fans of the Games, or even toured from city to city to participate.  Sean and I went to support him and cheer him on.

And get sunburnt.

Seriously, AZ, enough with the heat already!


   IMG_5453   IMG_5465

Danny said it was the hardest thing he's ever done, but he'd do it again in a heartbeat.  Already looking forward to the next one in Temecula, CA next May.

 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5479 IMG_5483 IMG_5484 IMG_5486 IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5489 IMG_5506   IMG_5519 IMG_5520 IMG_5521 IMG_5524 IMG_5525 IMG_5526 IMG_5527  IMG_5529 IMG_5530 IMG_5532 IMG_5533

Great job, Babe!  You made us proud!


laurie said...

wow. just looking at these photos exhausted me! you have every reason to be proud.

Dahlene said...

Wow! That looks like fun, but also very hot. Way to go Dan and way to go Amie and Sean for standing in that heat to cheer him on!