Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my three ghouls

Halloween was nice and uneventful this year; as usual we attended the ward Trunk or Treat (which was really well done for the short amount of planning time and had a great turnout!) and were actually invited to two others, but we decided the kids already had enough candy.

There were some really fun decorated trunks and some great costumes!  Here are my kids this year:

IMG_5584 IMG_5575 IMG_5578 


Not a lot of effort went into these (who has time?) but they were happy.

After our kiddos went trick or treating here on Halloween night, we invited friends over for our usual after-trick-or-treating "Goonies" showing.

Love that movie!


That's Ethan's AND Cameron's collection there.  And a cavity waiting to happen.

IMG_5588IMG_5593 IMG_5594 IMG_5595 IMG_5596

Gotta love that binging candy/ice cream face.

IMG_5597 I had the kids pick candy from their buckets to mix in with the ice cream.  Just as tasty as Cold Stone without the $6 price tag. 

IMG_5599 IMG_5600    IMG_5589

I love this shot. . .looks like she's about to take flight!


And here, Abby is imitating Chunk's throw-up story.  Classic.

As usual,  Halloween, "Goonies", and friends (and ice cream!) are a great combo.  'Till next year!


laurie said...

i love that halloween ice cream recipe - yum!

Anonymous said...

"I'm setting booty traps," Don't you mean booby traps? "That's what I said, I said I'm setting booty traps, shhhh be quiet!"