Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a synopsis of life

You can sure tell I'm nearing the end of my semester, right? My posts have gotten fewer and farther between...

One good thing about it is that man, time flies! I have another 5-ish weeks of school and then I'm half-way done with Nursing School! How crazy is that? I hate to brag, but I'm doing really well this semester (currently a 94ish %, which is pretty crazy cool), and I loved my clinical experience, so life is good. Four more tests to go (2 module tests, the HESI, and the final).

We have some fun plans for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so we have some really great times to look forward to. My house is a disaster right now--tidy, but not necessarily clean, you know?--and my husband has completely taken over the garden which is both cute and awesome! We have green onions and bell peppers ready for eating, carrots and tomatoes getting really close and a couple others I forget.

We're enjoying the new ward, getting used to new faces and names and callings. I'm the full-time ward organist (which is ok, except for the weeks that Dan's on shift and my two youngest are sitting by themselves making a ruckus) and Dan is the Bear's Den Co-leader. He's enjoying it!

The kids are doing great, making good friendships (for the first time, Ethan has friends close enough to go play with during the day, and Cameron has friends from our ward within walking distance!) and are busy with Scouts, friends, after school activities, the Gifted Program (for both Sean and Cameron!) and Baseball. Life goes on!

I've had allergies/cold/whatever for 3 weeks now and today it totally got 100% worse so who knows what I have now? I'm taking Nyquil in about ten minutes, then getting up early for a study session, lunch with all three kids at school, four visiting teaching appointments, packing for Sean's campout the next day, and then staying up half the night for the Breaking Dawn midnight release.

Yeah...if I'm not sick now, I will be by the time the next 36 hours passes!

And my diet? Holy toledo, I eat anything not nailed down. It's really disgusting to be honest. I just can't get control over that one part of my life. Sigh. Ready for the next big fad. *giggle*

So other than being fat and mucousy (lol) I'm good! Loving that the radio stations are playing Christmas music already and loving that the first house in our neighborhood just put up their Christmas lights. I'm ready to join them!



Kelly08 said...

I love how much you do and you dont need to go on another diet you look GREAT!!

wittygal said...

You are such a great example, someday I want to grow up and go to school and get As just like you. I am sorry you are not feeling well and I would let you borrow my hammer for the food nailing but I misplaced mine, YIKES. I hate food!

Casey Lu said...

I totally hear you on the time flying by and kind of being out of touch. Next month will mark a year straight through of school attendance for me, and I am SOOOO ready for a break but that won't come until the summer. I am trying really hard not to eat everything in sight also. It is so hard this time of year when all the goodies are out and about and next Thursday which is not only my favorite holiday but favorite food! Stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and Candied Yams. Think instead of one hour of Just Dance sweat workout, I will be doing two a day, lol. Your still walking right? That should help. I am noticing now that I am 30ish that it is definitely harder to loose weight. Oh well. Well, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family!