Monday, November 21, 2011

a long over due "mommy and the boys' day of FUN!"

I'm sorry I'm so bad at this!  As expected, since I joined Facebook, all my little mini updates have ended up over there, and it seems silly to double up!

Life is good. . . really good.  I'm so happy with school, with my family, with life.  I have friends going through some serious struggles right now, and I just count my blessings and thank my Heavenly Father that we are whole, healthy, and happy.  We've had a difficult year with just the sacrifices of both of us being in school, Dan working as much as he is able, and losing all but each other in regards to social life.  To my friends, I miss you!  I cherish every Girls Night Out!  It is soothing to my soul!  Our ward split a month or so ago, so there have been some big changes as far as church, being the Newbies and getting to know new people while missing the old.  Change is inevitable.  And it's OK, too.

It doesn't hurt that I just saw Breaking Dawn twice and have happy Edward & Bella feelings as I remember the books!  So fun to live in fiction for a couple hours at a time!

So, onward.  A couple of weeks ago, the boys and I all had Veteran's Day off, so we decided to have a long overdue Mommy and the Boys' Day of Fun!  Remember those!?  See our past installments (blogger isn't letting me link up right):

It had been a while!  As usual, this one was mostly about eating yummy treats!

We actually started the night before with homemade hot chocolate and a fun campfire in the backyard, and then we slept on the trampoline.  We sure love doing that!

 IMG_5664   IMG_5672 IMG_5673    IMG_5680  IMG_5682   IMG_5686 Some of these pics look crazy because I was using the night setting on my camera--I'm still not very good at it, you have to hold the camera super still and I just do not possess that talent yet!

 IMG_5689     IMG_5696 IMG_5698      


It was warm and cozy--'specially because I was between Dan and Sean and eventually everyone kinda sank in around me!  Nice night.

The next morning, Dad was off to work and the boys and I started our day.  We took our wheels to the church parking lot and had some fun.

  IMG_5716 IMG_5723 IMG_5726IMG_5717 IMG_5718         IMG_5732     IMG_5740      IMG_5768Little bit of yummies to go along with our play.

    IMG_5772    Yes, please!

 IMG_5777  IMG_5779

Then it was off to the duck pond--the same one that claimed my phone last year.  I made sure all keys, phones, and devices were a safe distance away from the water this time!  Each kiddo got a loaf of bread.


IMG_5795 IMG_5790 IMG_5792  IMG_5813 IMG_5832From there we picked up some McDonald's (bleh) and drove to the cheapie theatre to watch. . . sadly. . . The Smurf movie.  Ugh.  Oh well, NPH made it watchable.

IMG_5850 IMG_5844  IMG_5846From there we went back home and created some nice Happy Veteran's Day/Thank you For Your Service cards for our neighbor who used to be a marine and is now a Sheriff's officer.  We left them on his patrol car.  :)

IMG_5852   IMG_5854     


It was such a fun (and busy) day!  Love my kids, and love the chances to spend extra time with them.  I'm also so grateful for the reason for this past holiday, those men and women who serve our country and bless us with their bravery.  We appreciate your sacrifice, past and present!

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Anonymous said...

I told myself I would search out those who were veterans and thank them for their services. It was sad how many of those were now inmates.....