Monday, December 19, 2011

a little bit of christmas happy

First of all, I can't believe that I am half-way done with nursing school! Finished up my semester with an A which is stinking awesome! Very happy about the whole experience. Had one rough day there in the first few weeks when I just couldn't get a skill down correctly, but other than that, pure awesomeness. So now I enjoy 4-5 weeks off. Loving it!

Here is a quick pic of our tree at night without the flash and then using the night settings on my camera.

IMG_6281IMG_628295% of what's on it was hand-made by my mom or my mother-in-law. We do home-made Christmas around here and love it!

A couple of weeks ago, we lasted just long enough at our ward Christmas party to get pics with Santa--then unfortunately my children's behavior required me to vacate them off the premises and put them to bed STAT so this is all we got:

IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6265

We were very sad to leave, but I had to follow through on my threat to leave unless they started to behave themselves.


I've made something like 20+ loaves of this orange cranberry bread to hand out to teachers, neighbors, etc. It's so very good (and so easy) and is a definite favorite recipe of ours!


My friend Chris invited us to their ward Christmas party last week--assuming we wanted the chance to try again! I reminded them that if they didn't have good behavior we would leave, and they were pretty darn good! Instead of Santa, their ward had "the three wise men" (which I think were the three members of their Bishopric? kinda cute idea).

We're really enjoying the season, and a big part of that is music. Sean and I are in the ward choir (under the direction of the infamous Mary Lou Klippel) and are learning lots. Yesterday we performed in a really neat program! Our family is again doing our Countdown Advent that my friend Courtney gave us 2 years ago. We've danced and sang to Christmas music, made Christmas cookies, had a picnic for dinner, went out for ice cream, decorated our tree, went out to look at lights, written letters to Santa, and more. The kids have one more week of school and then we're off to Utah for a quick trip over Christmas.

How are you making Christmas meaningful this year?


Jennifer ♥ said...

Your tree is lovely!

Would you share your yummy bread recipe please?

Merry Christmas!

Jan Garber said...

First, have a safe trip to Utah! Secondly, was there sugar involved onthat first night with Santa? Yea, I found out that cake, candy, and ice cream make Santa just too darn EXCITING!!! EEEKKK! Makes children become demons! Haha! The bread sounds delish! You do so much during the holidays! Have a great Christmas. Hope to see you soon! And thanks for all your sweet comments and encouragement. They really make my day!

Dahlene said...

Looks like LOTS of Christmas happy at your house. Have a fun time in St. George. Too bad Kaysville is so much further to go. That recipe does sound delish! Share please?