Monday, January 23, 2012

january, summarized.

I've started this post half a dozen times but always stop myself, because really, there's nothing too exciting to report. Little bit of this, little bit of that...

Had my annual physical and OBgyn appts a couple of weeks go; got to have my first mammogram. All the while thinking, "How old am I??" My doc's office suggests the baseline mamm for ages 35-40. I'm all about the preventative. If it'll save a life, I'm all for it. That cancer is a horrible thing. Too many I know are struggling now or recently lost their struggle with cancer. Get tested, get checked, get your physicals, friends.

School started last week and is as crazy as always. We had literally one lab day (in which we didn't even enter the lab) and this week we are back into the hospital setting for clinicals once-twice a week until May. Get ready for me, here I come! I also have a pre-test and a real test this week. Gonna be a busy one.

Pinterest has completely sucked me in, but on a positive note, I've made a dozen new dishes/dinners/desserts from the site in the past month as well as several homemade gifts for friends...go me!

Our garden is doing well. I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say my dear hubby talks and coddles the veggies daily. We have tomatoes just about ripe for the picking and green peppers, carrots, and green onions we've been harvesting for weeks. Good stuff! Methinks he is a much better gardener than I...and I'm OK with that.

Sean's busy with his afterschool work on the season's school play "Beauty and the Beast", as well as Scouts/Young Men's each week. He's gone to the temple twice already to perform baptisms (once with us and once with the youth), very cool.

Cameron and Dan are enjoying Scouts--Cameron already got his Bear and numerous arrows and belt loops of course, but we are now working on his Faith in God so he can earn his Religious Knot. Dan's awesome at staying on top of the requirements needed for each kiddo. It's fun to see him excited about a calling for once. (Recall, he was our ward librarian for over 6 1/2 years in our last ward!)

Ethan is...well, Ethan is just lucky he's cute. He's such a turkey sometimes. He's a major follower ("Why did you do such-and-such?" "Because so-and-so told me to!"), but is my best helper at home. Each of the boys is responsible for two large chores at home, and he is the best at not only doing it quickly the first time I ask, but doing it well. He'll take 5 minutes just to clean the inside of a toilet because he wants to do a thorough job! I'll take it. He dislikes reading, but he's getting better at it finally. This year, we started something different with our Nightly Scripture Reading--each of the boys reads an entire column--and that has helped both him and Cameron with their outloud reading.

Dan's taking one last pre-req class, a specialized Pharmacology that summarizes the pharm we have in the 2nd Block of Nursing School. When that finishes in March, he'll start the Bridge program through Mesa Comm. College 2-3 days a week. It's going to be crazy around here. Between his and my schedules, we'll have anywhere from 1-4 clinicals a week in April! (and for you unaware, those are 12-hour days plus travel, so it's a lot of time away from home--however, it's nothing different from what actual work as a nurse will be like.)

With all this business, the something-that's-gotta-give is usually social time with friends. Our get-togethers are way too few and far between, but that just makes each one that much more special. Miss you, friends! Thank heavens I have Facebook now to keep up on your lives *ironic eyeroll*.

So, and if you've made it this far, to sum up, we are definitely keeping afloat. We are healthy and blessed in many ways.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the Skillet Toffee I made this afternoon (a la Pinterest!) is calling my name.


laurie said...

fresh garden veggies and skillet toffee - sounds like you are living good! :-)

Jan Garber said...

School sounds stressful, but exciting! and you have tomatoes growing? How? I tried the first 5 years I lived here and can't get the plants to survive! I am always looking for green tomatoes to fry up! (hint, hint) Hope all are well, and tell your hubby he should be coddling YOU! lol!