Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kitchen makeover

Approximately a year ago, I started this project thinking I could knock it out in the six weeks before school started.

Then school started.

Bwaha ha ha!

My project was totally put on hiatus.

To be fair, 90% of it was done by January 2011. . . the hard part, the painting of the cabinets and walls.  But we hadn't yet found the right table for the new kitchen, made a kitchen valance, or decided yet what to do on the wall nearest the table.

(That wall is still blank, but I have a plan.)

As for the rest of it, it's done! 

Wanna see some pictures?

Here's the BEFORE. . . remember my complaints of the dated wallpaper border and the oaky oak and the brassy brass that I was sicktodeath of?!

 IMG_1080 IMG_1082 IMG_1117IMG_1152

Here's some DURING.  :)

IMG_1150IMG_1116IMG_1137IMG_1168  IMG_1155   

And now the AFTER! 

IMG_6685IMG_6686IMG_6687 What do you think?  It's like a breath of fresh air to me!

My awesome friend and personal interior designer Christy made me the curtain/valance without a pattern.  Yes, she is that kind of awesome.  :)

IMG_6683 IMG_6684Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen on a window?  When she showed me the finished project I squealed that I wanted to wear it, it's so cute!  Christy, we owe you big.  Dinner's on me.

Past projects you've seen already:

The chandelier makeover.



The door knobs makeover.



Some of the embellishments.

I'd still really love to paint the countertops black as seen on this blog, but I'm not brave enough as yet.   Last week we went to Lowe's to price countertops, and even for cheapie ol' formica it was going to cost over $500.  That is so not happening.  Not sure what to do, because I think the darker color would contrast so much better. 

Anyway, it was a huge project, not one I'm sure to repeat any time soon (especially since school starts again in a week), but I sure love the result!


leaner said...

I want black countertops, white cabinets and the red accent is awesome with that! Though our accent will be blue I think. Or some red and some blue (Patriotic much? LOL)


Jenna said...

I absolutely LOVE it! I love white with a dark contrast! It all looks unbelievable...way to go!

Jennifer ♥ said...

I love all the pictures of the progress. Your new kitchen looks great! Curious what you're going to put on your big wall :)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your kitchen looks so bright and beautiful!! Great job! The curtain is ruffled yumminess for sure!

Monica McCoy said...

I LOVE this! I feel a great need to go there and bask in the crisp-ness. So awesome!

Casey Lu said...

It looks awesome Amie!! I love the tray with the monogram and of course the curtains that Christy made for you!! Love all the pops of color and you did a great job redoing everything!!

laurie said...

the transformation is amazing! your new kitchen looks like it came straight from the pages of a magazine. cooking will never be the same around your house! :-)

wittygal said...

Wow, amazing! I was hoping you would have pictures up. I can't believe how great your kitchen looks. Great idea with the ruffles it looks better up then down, I was worried. Thanks for all of the nice wordage, you are a good friend and owe me nothing. However, hanging out would be fun.

JAVAGIRL said...

Is there anything you can't do how cool Loving the white and the red really makes it pop and loving the whole thing kudos to you.

Delfina said...

Your kitchen looks really amazing! I wish I could do all that.

Anonymous said...

It does make a world of difference doesn't it?


Jan Garber said...

It came out gorgeous! I know how happy you must be...what's next?

Courtney said...

Love it. The monogram platter above your stove is too cute!!!

Brett said...

I'm a new follower! I found you via Better After. I LOVE what you did with your kitchen! We (my hubby) painted our "oaky oak" cabinets white a year and a half ago. I have lots of red accents like you (love it!) but my problem is also the countertops! Mine are blue! Yuck. I'm loving your chandelier too! Thanks for sharing!

tabitha said...

Walmart sells a counter top "paint" if you don't want to get new ones. My husband did it in our two bathrooms. Turned out very good and only cost $20!!