Thursday, February 16, 2012

cleaned out the memory card from my camera.

. . . and found these:


We babysat my nieces overnight. . . we all had a little bit of bedhead going on.

IMG_6700Peppers growing in the garden.


Haven't had to buy tomatoes in weeks. . . so nice!


Best.Homemade.Toffee.Ever.  Ohmygosh it was so good.  We had full intentions of sharing this all over the neighborhood but devoured just about all of it within hours.  From this Pinterest recipe.


Camping in the back yard in January.


It rained just after we put the tents up, but we were snug and warm in our mummy bags.


Cameron's made-from-scratch Lego creation.


He puts so much detail into them, opens up boxes and doors, can tell you what each and every piece does and is for.


Vinyl art for my KitchenAid.


I saw something similar online, sent a pic to my friend Jessica (who does vinyl if you're interested) and she whipped this right up.  Cute right?  And much more practical than buying a whole new KitchenAid to match the other red appliances.  I mean. . . that would be just crazy to even consider. . . right?  Right?!

That's about it.  Haven't taken too many pics as of late.  The rest were some hundred of Tallie.  *She's so cute!*

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Courtney said...

Love, love, love the kitchen aid redo. That is just to cute!!!