Friday, February 17, 2012

how we're spending our happy valentinesaversary



We decorated cards for Daddy.

Then Dan left me a few cute things to find around the house when I woke up.


A Car with the note:  Where U Go I always want to Be


A Light bulb with the note:  U are always on my mind.  :)


A Heart.




And then he got me the cute cute red Salt & Pepper shakers I've been wanting to match my kitchen.  Yay!  I'm pretty easy to please!


I got him a new tie tack--the one he'd been using since his mission circa 1994 finally broke.


And a couple of the books he's been diggin' on.

And today, we have Date Day/Night to celebrate both!  We're going to the temple, gonna have our tradition of Chipotle afterwards, then tonight the movie "One For the Money" and dinner at Las Fuentas.  Gooood stuff.  :) 

I love date nights!  

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