Friday, March 16, 2012

an all-star at all-state

For the second  year in a row, Sean was invited to perform at the All State Band performance.  Last year it was held in Gilbert.  We drove nearly 2 hours for a 20 minute performance and came home.  This year, the school was right up the street.  I literally could have walked there. 

If I was into that sort of thing.

Sean spent the day there making friends and learning under some awesome musical personnel.  I think he had a great time, and the music was very entertaining!

IMG_6989   IMG_6993At one point, the director asked all those with straight A's to stand.  He was one of the few.


Then they added the Honor Roll students--all to show that these band kiddos are academics and future leaders.  :)


Then it was on to the performance!


Copyright laws prohibited videotaping, but with my friend Christine's awesome long-distance lens I was able to get superb close-up shots.  :)

IMG_6996 IMG_6998

Well done, Sean!

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Anonymous said...

Nice, nice. Well done Sean!