Sunday, March 18, 2012

road show performance

A couple of weeks ago, our stake participated in a RoadShow--for those of you unaware, this is a youth production of singing, dancing, and acting all original material. All the wards participate, and in the end 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize are awarded. When I was a teenager, we did these all in one day--from plot to script to props to costumes--this year we were given about 6 weeks.

My friend Amanda Z. wrote the script and re-wrote lyrics to well-known songs. I was given a guide as to piano sheet music but in the end pretty much had to re-write and make up my own. We practiced every week for a couple of hours, which was quite a struggle for me since our practice night ended up being after my 12-hour clinical rotations. But I was excited to be involved and just sucked it up and made it through!

Sean, being 12, was able to participate in the first part (the 2-minute oleo act) and then on the final song, he accompanied the piano with his clarinet.

The final performances were so much fun! The following recording is from this past week--our group did an encore performance at a ward activity. We were short a few of the kids, the props had been kinda thrown away and brought back to life, and we're missing some costumes, but you get the idea. Amateur recording by us, forgive the quality.

Our ward won 2nd place! It was so much fun!

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laurie said...

that does look like fun! and sean is such a natural entertainer. :-)