Saturday, April 14, 2012

cameron had a birthday!


Big double digit boy!

We celebrated by tryign out the new(ish) restaurant 5 Guys.

IMG_7130 Fast food feel. . .IMG_7136

Restaurant-style pricing. . .


Really yummy food.  Definitely not an every day place but perfect for special occasions.

IMG_7154 IMG_7155

Free Basha's birthday cake, aww yeah. 

IMG_7157 IMG_7160

Can you believe I got this semi-natural smile out of Cameron on film?!

Along with Ethan's big ol' head?


Happy birthday, Buddy.  It's gonna be a good year.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your son! You left me a comment on my blog asking about the sky jello, yes it does need to set in the fridge awhile but I forget exactly how long (my guess is an hour).

Anonymous said...

Those are interesting lighting settings for your camera.....

Happy late Birthday to Cameron!