Monday, April 16, 2012

a little wet n' wild in our own backyard

We had the opportunity to buy a second-hand  pool last week and couldn't pass up the chance.  Even if it only works for one season it's worth the money!

 IMG_7181 IMG_7188 IMG_7204

Ha. . .look at those teeth!

IMG_7250 IMG_7231IMG_7205 IMG_7214What do you think, Tal?  


Isn't Tallie getting big?  And she always sits like a lady.  :)

So last week, the kids were in the pool all weekend.  We sunscreened everyone up and still even got a bit burned .

Today (as I write this, it's Saturday), it's 63 degrees, windy, and drip-dropping.  Crazy AZ Spring.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you placed the pool far enough away from the roof of the house so your kids don't follow in your footsteps....


wittygal said...

Those are great pictures! I agree with this crazy Spring weather. However, I am not ready for HOT, HOT, HOT.