Thursday, May 3, 2012

diaper babies


I made these cute little diaper babies after seeing them here on pinterest.


Just a rolled up diaper, wrapped in a baby washcloth, topped with a rolled up baby sock, and some googly eyes.  I put them in a dishwasher caddy just for fun (and included all the leftover diapers, socks, and washcloths in a gift bag).

IMG_7613 I made them for a school friend who is having a baby this summer.  Can you imagine nursing school whilst being pregnant?  I so can not.

IMG_7614She treated us to the most amazing baby shower at India Garden in Goodyear.  Fantastic food and it was so fun to hang out with all the other gals in a non-academic setting.  We really had a blast.

I think these little guys are the cutest things ever!


Anonymous said...

Those are really cute!


Jan Garber said...

Adorable, but eight babies? LOL! Eeek! Hopefully your friend is having only one! These are such a sweet gift idea!