Friday, May 4, 2012

he works out

IMG_7620So, if Sean is my kiddo who is all-things-drama and performing arts related (theatre, band, singing, performing) and Cameron is my kiddo with the creative mind (building, making, creating, writing, any kind of arts and crafts, etc), then Ethan is my kiddo who is all about being healthy.

IMG_7628When everyone else is snacking on carb-filled treats, he's chowing down on apples and bananas.  He loves running/biking around the block with Dad when he does his daily runs.  And it's not a rare occurrence (why can I never spell that word?!) for me to find him working out to exercise videos in the living room.

IMG_7629He loves lifting weights, doing the P90X stuff (superman!  banana!!), yoga, running on the treadmill, situps, pushups, you name it.

IMG_7621So E. is all about the diet and exercise.  Totally takes after his Daddy.


laurie said...

he is a fit kid who can do almost any feat - i still can't figure out how he scaled that bike area fence! but he is also a very, very good reader. we just assessed his class today and i was blown away by how well he did. :-) lots to be proud of.

OneHappyfamily said...

Wow! That is Awesome!