Monday, May 21, 2012

ethan's trip to city hall

For a Boy Scout requirement, my little nutter was to visit City Hall. 

We won't talk about how we knocked down a huge 4'x12' board detailing the layout of the city. . . {what?  I thought it would be cool to s how him pointing at our block/house on the city's layout.  Who knew the thing was on spindly tripods with legs the thickness of pencils?}  So yeah, we'll gloss over that part.

He got a lot of cute looks from passersby.  Good thing he's cute.  Cuz man he is the devil right now, I swear.  He doesn't give me any problems, but he's going to put his 2nd grade teacher into an early retirement.  And his bus driver.  And his primary teachers.

Anyway.  Onward.

IMG_8047 IMG_8042 IMG_8043Copy of IMG_8041 IMG_8045


laurie said...

sounds like an educational experience, in more ways than one! :-) i think ALL the kids are ready for a break from school. just a few more days - tick, tick....!

Anonymous said...

He didn't knock it down, he was just rearranging.........