Monday, June 4, 2012

$10 First Aid kits for sale

Hello friends and family!

Sean will be attending a week-long Scout Camp this summer
and must come up with the money on his own and with his troop. ($250-ish each kid)
The scouts are selling mini First Aid kits at $10 to come up with part of the money.
These are small, carry essentials,
and would be perfect for your car, diaper bag, 72-hour kits, medicine cabinets, etc.

Each kit contains:
2 hand cleansing wipes
4 First Aid gauze pads
6 band aids of different sizes
6 adhesive plastic bandages
10 junior plastic bandages
1 patch plastic bandage
1 butterfly sound closure
2 aspirin tablets
2 ibuprofen tablets
2 extra-strength Non-Aspirin tablets
3 alcohol cleaning pads
3 antiseptic cleaning wipes
1 antibiotic ointment pack
1 First Aid guide
(all comes in 2 small plastic hard cases)

He'll collect orders and payments in the next two weeks and distribute soon afterwards.
We appreciate your support!

1 comment:

laurie said...

i will take two! send me your address and i will mail you a check. you can just give them to me when school starts in august. :-)