Saturday, June 9, 2012

our days, and sometimes our nights

As much as I love summer time and NOT studying/being in school, it's kinda wearing me out!

I get up early automatically every morning (5:45-ish, can't help it, but I like it), feed the dog, clean the pool, hop on my treadmill, and get the boys up and ready for breakfast at the school. Then, depending on the day, we'll do chores, 1/2 each of scouts, speech and cursive practice for Ethan, and any other to-dos on the list.

We go to the library for crafts, magic shows, etc, we go to the theater for our weekly Summer movie, and we hit Wet n' Wild with the remainder of the day. (Today marks four times this week!)

I dedicate 1/2 hour every day to scripture reading and 5 pages of my HESI study book <---really the minimum I can force myself to do to keep my brain on during the summer break. I have books and books stacked up on loan from the library, one season left of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dear Spike, I love you), and two seasons left of Angel (which is finally getting better).

The boys have Scouts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Friday nights we're at the movies at the water park.

No real vacation plans as Dan is in school and the paychecks have dropped dramatically. Ethan and Sean both have a week's vacay at my parents, Ethan and Cameron have day camp at the end of June, and Sean has a full week of Boy Scout camp in July. We MAY find time for a camping trip in there somewhere.

Who has time to be bored this summer? Not us!!


Anonymous said...

Jiminy Christmas you're busy!


Liz said...

hang in there gf it calms down xoxo

OneHappyfamily said...

oohh wee! Way to crazy for me! Hang in there girl.