Wednesday, July 18, 2012

family WEEK OF FUN! -- day 2

No joke, we set our alarms for 5am so we could leave at 5:30 and get to the White Tank Regional Park at open 6 so we could hike before it got hot.  It was still hot (and humid) but better hiking at 6 than noon for sure!

Again, everything's more fun with a dog!

 IMG_8727 IMG_8729 IMG_8730 IMG_8784IMG_8731 IMG_8735 IMG_8736  IMG_8741 IMG_8742 IMG_8746     IMG_8756 IMG_8759 IMG_8760  IMG_8766 IMG_8768  IMG_8771  IMG_8777IMG_8783IMG_8787     IMG_8783IMG_8788 

After the hike and showers, we had a bit of low-key before Sean's birthday party.  He didn't ask for much:  2 friends, pizza, and swimming.  (oh, and cash for presents because he's saving up for something)

 IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8804 IMG_8810

(each of those balloons has a $5 bill in it)


This was accordion-folded into a tissue box.

 IMG_8815 IMG_8821 IMG_8826

This was rolled up inside a tin can.  I think the kid got well over $100 this birthday!


From Grandma Moore.


Silly face!

IMG_8839IMG_8796 And the way cool CTR (Choose the Right) ring from Grandma Faulkner.


Onto the cake!  This is what he wanted, two-layer white cake, blue frosting, simple simple.


And that's another birthday in the bag and the end of Day Two!  :)


laurie said...

that hike looks like it offers some beautiful views! i think i will have to head out there - maybe this fall when it cools down a bit. :-)

what clever gifter packed five-dollar bills in a tissue box?! i may have to steal that idea for one of my nephews - they would love it!

Dahlene said...

Love the White Tanks and miss them. We had some great times and adventures up there. Great photos!

Oh my goodness, Sean hit the motherlode! I loved all the different ways he got his money. I'll have to do that with my boys.