Friday, July 20, 2012

family WEEK OF FUN! -- day 4

Anyone tired yet?

*raises hand*

My quads are pretty sore from the two days of 'hiking' but all is well.  We had another fun-filled day planned and it was another keeper.  :)

You're probably all getting tired of seeing our dog, but we love her so much and are really enjoying taking her places.

A la, Lake Pleasant.

IMG_8952 IMG_8941 IMG_8945  IMG_8956 IMG_8960 IMG_8966 IMG_8978 IMG_9000 IMG_9003 IMG_9005 IMG_9016 IMG_9032 IMG_9037 IMG_9039

This picture cracks me up.  Dan was teaching the boys how to lift themselves up and inside the boat.  Every now and then one of them would pop up like a puppet.  I was just laughing.

IMG_9052 IMG_9056

We learned that Tallie would be a great rescue dog.  She jumped in and after each and every kid as they jumped from the boat to the water.  Then, she'd let them grab onto her collar and she'd swim them back to the boat.  She did it over and over until she was exhausted!



Smores snack mix (Golden Grahams, chocolate chips, and mini marshmellows, surprisingly good).

Friends came over for a late over.  The kids swam, played on the trampoline, and helped us prepare dinner.

 IMG_9069 IMG_9073 IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9095

Incidentally, I guess this is mint.  I'm not a big mint fan, but even so, I'm not sure what I would do with it.  Any ideas?  It's huge right now.



And this. . . any idea what it is?  It's growing rather well.  I like the ground cover.

The original plan for the week had been camping.  I'd had bought the food and everything.  So as we were planning the WEEK OF FUN we tried to stick as close to our original plans as possible, at least menu-wise.

Cameron needed to pass off some camping/fire/tent things for cub scouts, so although it was hot, we decided to just take care of these requirements at home.

Food over the firepit.

IMG_9098 These are curly dogs.  I found them on Pinterest.  You wrap a thawed Rhodes Roll around the hotdogs, then cook them over the fire.

IMG_9101 IMG_9102  IMG_9110 I know they don't look all that appetizing, but they are surprisingly good, soft inside.


We'd definitely make them again.

 IMG_9114 IMG_9118 IMG_9120 Then, in keeping with the camping theme, of course we had to make real s'mores.


 IMG_9124 IMG_9128 IMG_9130


Yup, and that's day 4!


Dahlene said...

Wow! You are having a way fun summer! Where is the lake near Surprise. I thought you had to drive hours to find water. I love that your dog is a great rescue dog. So fun!

laurie said...

what's not to love about water on a hot day and s'mores over a fire! you should submit an article about your family fun week activities to a magazine so that others can see what a good time you can have without leaving town.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys boated Canyon or Saguaro lake?