Saturday, July 21, 2012

family WEEK OF FUN -- day 5

No pictures today, but we ended up our week of fun at the movies. I feel weird about the fact that we saw the new Batman movie after the tragedies that occurred in Aurora, Colorado. (12 dead, 50 wounded at the Batman premiere; gunman called himself The Joker) I don't blame the movie, I blame the decisions of one sick and disturbed individual who unfortunately exercised his agency to make some horrible choices and ruin the lives of dozens.

As for us, we really liked the movie. Christian Bale's closure was a good one--I've always liked him as an actor and enjoyed his work, regardless of his personal life. Michael Caine was amazing as Alfred and had some really great scenes. Joseph Gordon Leavitt as an up and coming hero did a great job. The movie was LONG. 3 hours! The movie was at times CONFUSING. There is so much that goes on and so many details; I admit to being a bit lost at times. The movie was surprisingly EMOTIONAL. I teared up a couple of times. There definitely was violence, couple of neck-breaking scenes I could have done without, but all in all, a pretty good movie.

We then ate out at Golden Corral, the kids' favorite place. We'd done the week pretty cheaply up to this point so we didn't mind splurging for one meal. I think Ethan had 2 ice cream cones and 3 cotton candies. Blech. I ate nothing all day so I could fill up at night. :)

I was in bed by 8:30 and I think the rest of the house was down by 9. Busy busy exhausting week! But such a good one. I hope the kids remember our week of fun and enjoyable time we were able to have right here in our home town (for the most part) without spending too much money. It was good to be active and get out of the house. It was good to enjoy nature. It was good to have a puppy around to share it with for the first time. It was good to be together.

I love my family!


JAVAGIRL said...

Sounds like a fun time seen a couple of pics on fb
The boys are getting so so big

JAVAGIRL said...

Plus now a teenager

laurie said...

and that's what summer and vacations and fun times are all about - family!

i'm still trying to process the whole colorado movie theater incident. ugh. so very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Miss "I don't like animals" is whooped!