Thursday, July 5, 2012

"eye of sauron" tower, lego style

Did you know that crazy wicked tower with the all-seeing powerful  creepy firey eye from Lord of the Rings had a name other than "crazy wicked tower with the all-seeing powerful creepy firey eye"?

It is in fact the Tower of Barad-D�r.  I know many LOTR fans who no doubt did not have to Google said information.  My mother-in-law for one, the biggest LOTR fan I know.  Maybe tied with Chris, Christine, and my brother Ben.  :)

And of course the uber scary eye is the Eye of Sauron.  I at least knew that one.  My nerdliness increases each passing year. 


Well Cameron had the challenge (via his Lego magazine) to create something LOTR-style, and he came up with the idea to build this tower.


I don't think he's ever posed so perfectly for a picture before.

My little nerdling at work.


Anonymous said...

Now that is nerdalicious! But that's okay, nerds rule the earth.


Christine said...

Love it - and you're right did not need Google. However, did do a double take when I saw LOTR on your blog, lol.

laurie said...

very cool! my nephews just love legos so i took them to lego land last month in california. they spent most of their time in this "build your own racecar" area, where there are just tons of legos and i was thinking, "really? we bought tickets just so you could build with legos, something you can do at home?!!!" oh well, they were having fun. :-)