Monday, July 9, 2012

junk my kid is selling

So my kiddo cleaned out his toy box the other day, determined to sell his treasures and make it rich.

He asked me to craigslist the following. Anyone interested?

**edited, Pokemon cards have been promised to someone**

100s and 100s of Pokemon cards. I will be SO HAPPY to have
these out of my house. I may pay YOU to take them. Not really organized or in any particular order, just stuffed in sleeves. **taken**

Stuffed animal and a really obnoxious Ninja Wheelie motorcyle that goes off every time we bang the toy box. It pops a wheelie and zooms across the room when you push a button. $.50 for the bears, $2 for the motorcycle?

Pirate stuff $2

4 TMNT turtles with accessories $10 (but he'd be lucky to get $5)

Let me know if you are interested in Cameron's House o' Used Stuff. :)

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