Monday, September 17, 2012

updates on the psych unit and my teenager--unrelated, or are they?

Today marks my last day at Del Webb in the Psych unit.

As a nursing student, not as a patient. :)

It's funny, I've been literally dreading our Psych rotation and instruction since Block 1--it just sounds so intimidating, right? Well not only have the clinicals been super easy (probably the easiest of all of them just due to the fact that we're not really doing nursely duties, we're more focusing on therapeutic communication), but the actual academics and classwork have been the easiest thus far as well. I've gotten 100%s on the first two tests, we have literally 3 assignments the entire semester and 2 of them I got done within the first week with the littlest amount of effort. Piece of cake. So much less stress for sure.

Next month we start our Critical Care unit and clinicals, so I'm certain that will be a bit more difficult, but I'm excited to getting back to patient care, reading labs and doctors orders and MAR forms, and being overall that much closer to the finish line. It's coming on fast!

(I only have to wear my scrubs 8 more times not counting preceptorship and pinning! Reason to celebrate!)

Diet & exercise both going well. I'm sore all the time, so that means I must be doing something right...right? I'm absolutely loving Zumba and the chance to shake-what-my-momma-gave-me, and whew, is it a work out! But the trainer reminded me that I can't just cardio my way to fitness, I have to build muscle too, so 1/3 of my workouts have to center in strength-training. I don't like weight lifting as much, but I get that I'll need it to tone up.

On a side note, I have the moodiest teenager ever! One minute he's sighing and rolling his eyes at me, displaying random acts of histrionics, and the next he's hugging me and telling me I'm the best mom ever. I mean, all within 5 minutes. His attitude is like the weather. You don't like it, wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

I swear I was never that moody.

What's that? Oh..that's the sound of my mom laughing uncontrollably after having read that. :)

OK so I did have a bit of flair for the dramatic myself. (See last week's 'hormonal' post) I guess I just thought that was more of a girl thing. Or that it wouldn't come for a couple more years.

Any advice, you pros out there?


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

No advice, but I just had to tell you my oldest son turned 13 years old in August and we are going throught the exact.same.thing. It can be a bit tiring at times. (understatement of the year!)
And speaking of tiring...the less rest he gets the worse it gets!

laurie said...

ha, every household out there with a teenager is waiting for that advice. :-) but i remember those teen years as not being as "fun and carefree" as they are advertised to be. i can't believe how close you are to finishing school!!!! yay for you!

Anonymous said...

You? Dramatic? Never! I remember distinctly that you can cry at will and used that skill to get you out of trouble at every opportunity.