Saturday, October 13, 2012

fall break -- for them, not me

This has been a cray-cray busy week with the holiday, the kids being off for Fall Break (what??  What is that?) a full day of clinicals in the ICU (very interesting), 2 days of class, and a full day of SIM lab.

Being uber busy and having gotten discouraged over the scale breaking, I exercised maybe...once?  twice I think?  I ate whatever I wanted, and pretty much gained all my weight back.  Who knows?  That's what the scale at the gym said this morning, but I had all my clothes on, because, for realz, despite what Dan suggests, I CAN'T walk around nekkid in the ladies' locker room.  I just can't.  Who does that?

School's going great--this is the easiest block for sure--and believe it or not, it's almost done.  We have our last lecture the first week in November, finals right before Thanksgiving, and then preceptorship, graduation/pinning, and prep for NCLEX in December.  Out of all our tests, I've missed a total of 3 points.  Rock on, yo.

I've finished started/quit a couple of books (audio books make that a lot easier) and pretty much ignored my house.  Anyone want to come clean for me?

I have no clue what to do with that table in the backyard.  Glass is all gone of course, but is it worth it to buy/cut/sand/stain a piece of plywood to replace the glass?  Think anyone on craigslist would take a table frame?

I did two Zumba classes back to back this morning (as penance I would say, but I really loved it, so it was hardly punishment), but because of that, my legs are all wiggly wobbly.  It was hard work.  So fun.

I made these last week and they came out soooo cute:

There's my week in summary!

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laurie said...

those dessert cups are so cute! sounds like you are busy with great things, as usual. this time of year, the days just fly by so you will be done with school before you know it. WooHoo!