Saturday, October 6, 2012

one of my favorite times of year!

I love General Conference weekend!

I love the relaxed atmosphere...the hanging out in PJs all day...sleeping in Saturday AND Sunday (seriously, we never do that), amazing inspiring words from the Lord's Prophets, and last but not least, our semi-annual JunkFoodPalooza.

Seriously, it's a bit ridiculous.  But we all look forward to it six long months at a time.  I don't plan any meals, I just take orders for favorite junk food/snacky items and we nibble on that all weekend.  I don't even put anything away, just keep adding fresh plates and napkins.

We set up a long table in the living room, get out some scrapbooking or crafts or puzzles, turn on General Conference on the laptop, and gorge away on crap.  Seriously, my dentist (and trainer) would not be pleased.  But it helps the kids enjoy the weekend instead of (possibly) dreading 4+ hours a day of church on TV.

I personally love it.  Who doesn't like to be uplifted?  Reminded of personal goals and desires to be a better person?  Sweet examples and touching stories and experiences from those best in a position to share testimony with's all good.

And the high-calorie bonanza is just icing (literally) on the cake.

Aaaaaand it's weigh-in day!  (thank heavens before the gnoshing of sweets!)  I don't think I updated here last week, but I actually gained a pound, which made no sense to me.  Soon afterwards it became apparent that the reason I gained was because I was retaining water ifyouknowwhatImean.

This week, I have no clue because my scale is broken.  Boo!!  I've replaced the batteries, but it's totally wigging out and giving me a different weight each time I step on it--which is probably the best thing that could have happened to me, but bothers the heck out of me!!!

Also this week, I didn't include exercise on my tally, so instead of eating the extra calories I burned while exercising (which is what the site suggests) I just aimed for my 1200 calories/day goal and left it at that.  I also did 3 zumba classes, 1 day of weight-training, and 1 day of just cardio.  My clothes are feeling looser.  When I started I was in size 14 pants, and now my favorite 12s are loose.  I'm sure I've lost, but it's frustrating not knowing for sure.

Will try my best not to eat it/gain it all back in the next 48 hours.  :)

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Anonymous said...

ah yes, cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk on conference weekend-- that sugar high is the only way to get kids to listen to the talks 2 hours at at time.