Saturday, November 10, 2012

bragging rights

We've had a pretty good week around here!

I took my block 4 cummulative HESI exam--160 questions, 3 hours--seriously the longest/hardest test I've ever taken!  I got a score of 1008 which his 91%.  Rock on!  One more test down.

Then, my kiddos had a great week with spelling competitions.  First, there was a class spelling bee, then a grade level one, and then the school bee.  Each 'heat' sent the top 2 onto the next level.  Cameron and Sean both made it to the school spelling bee.  Cameron came in 5th and Sean 4th!  Good job, boys!

 IMG_9683 IMG_9685 IMG_9695 IMG_9698 IMG_9729



tif-do said...

Definaitly stuff to brag about!

laurie said...

Both boys did so well - you have every reason to be proud. the words seemed very random, easier words mixed right in with some really tough words and it didn't seem to change with each round. it was fun to watch though, and i admire each participant's effort.